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How to Set Up for Online Lessons

You will need a few things

  • A Good Quality Piano:

    • Although an acoustic piano is preferable, a digital piano is also acceptable. Please make sure the digital piano keys are weighted and in full size (88 keys). If you are not sure what yours is, feel free to ask me!

  • A Laptop or iPad

    • You will need to have a laptop or iPad/Tablet next to you. Smartphone would work too but you may want a bigger screen size. Since I will be showing my annotation of the sheet music to my students, it can become difficult to read with a phone

    • Please make sure you have a free Skype or Zoom account

    • A tripod is optional but can work very well with an iPad or smartphone if that’s what you prefer.

  •  A Stable Internet Connection

    • A good, stable internet connection is important to ensure a smooth uninterrupted lesson. We may determine video/audio quality in our initial no-obligation meeting.

Setting Up for Online Lessons: About

The Setup

Online lesson set up is easy
Place your laptop on a chair, or place your iPad/tablet on a tripod next to your piano, facing your hands and keys.
I will call you each week through Zoom. That’s it. Enjoy your lesson!

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Setting Up for Online Lessons: Welcome
Piano B&W

Teacher Studio Setup

I teach using a Grand Piano. I have multiple camera angles to capture technique demonstrations. A shared iPad Pro screen that serves as a digital whiteboard/showing music annotation.

I offer a free no-obligation Meet & Greet Session where we can talk about your goals in music learning, and test drive how the setup can work.

Setting Up for Online Lessons: About
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