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Piano Keys

Teaching Philosophy

A Pianist With Love, and a Teacher Who Cares

A great and successful teacher should be equipped with skills and be passionate in helping students achieve their best. My goal is to discover my students’ potential and enhance their ability in creating music. With all students being unique in their own way, I am constantly tailoring my approach to my students to feed their needs accordingly.

I was very fortunate to meet two great pianists who are also great teachers during my piano studies. I was truly inspired by their talented skills and their devotion to their students; I remember the extra hours and care they gave me outside the classroom. In that sense, I not only try to teach my students musical skills but also provide care and nourishment for my students. Piano studies become more effective when the teacher knows the student well.

I grew up in an exam-based environment where the world judge musicianship by how many certificates you hold; however, at that time, all I knew was how to “type” a page of music, but not really playing, nor enjoying the music. It was during my college years that I began my formal musical training. Then I finally understood music is not about passing exams, but about playing music with understanding and with heart. I focus on the quality of my students’ playing and try to help my students reach high standards. Therefore, I consider piano examinations as motivation, for my students to reach a higher level of achievement.

Piano studies should include proper body coordination, techniques, knowledge in sight reading and music theory, and in aural skills. On top of that, I incorporate the knowledge of music history, music performance practice, and music analysis in my teaching so my students can become well-rounded musicians. Moreover, I believe music is something to be shared; therefore, I encourage my students to attend studio class, where they perform and learn from each other. Through performance opportunities, they build their confidence and learn to respect one another.

I had a dream of becoming a musician, and I thought I would not be able to make it because I did not meet the right teacher in my childhood. It was not until I came to the United States that I found the right teacher who helped me pursue my dream. I want to be the right teacher to help people who dream of becoming musicians, and I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge with them.

Teaching Philosophy: Student Life
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