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"It's too HARD!!!!"

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

How many of you have heard this or said this in a lesson, "It's too HARD!". And I don't mean it in the way that "Oh yay It's so hard that I love the challenge!", I mean it as "It's so hard and I feel so overwhelmed. I don't want to play this piece anymore."

When we feel overwhelmed and challenged, finding escape is quite a normal reaction. However, withdrawal and avoidance won't help us grow. And this mentality of "This piece is too hard" often pops up into our mind when we try something initially the first few times. It often discourages students to keep going because they already believe that they can never conquer the challenge. This often leads to unmotivated and sloppy practice, or even giving up at times.

So today I am writing this post to encourage you and my students who are feeling overwhelmed with the hurdles you need to cross. The hurdle feels so real and yes you're right to feel like this. But I want you to take a step back, then a few tiny steps forward to help you cross this hurdle. Follow these steps when you feel challenged, or if you're struggling (in any areas in life, but particularly in piano practice):


  2. Tell yourself: It is so hard (RIGHT NOW!). I am struggling and I'm not able to play this (YET). But I can do hard things. So I will keep trying and I will be able to tackle this eventually.

  3. Think: What are some things you can do to make things easier? For example, breaking things down into something more chewable? Here are some examples:

    1. Hand Separately

    2. Small Sections (it could be a section, a line, 4 measures, or 2 measures, or even just half of a measure)

    3. Take it slow. Find some patterns in the music and try to remember them.

  4. Ask Ms. Petrina! Or someone you trust that can help you. Remember I am here for you when you need a hand. You are not alone in this journey and Ms. Petrina is always here to help! I believe in you that you can do it. It just takes time and some effort, but you will get there. We will tackle the challenge bits by bits together!

Remember that all professional pianists struggle too. It's actually part of the fun and the process. If you continue, you will get there eventually.

I hope you learn to believe in yourself, and find the courage and motivation to continue. Hang in there!

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